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I keep on falling….

Hey Y’all:

I missed Twin Tuesday yesterday so I had to put a quick one up about the little ones.

It’s official the twins are now toddlers, so over the holiday weekend the Hubby and I converted their cribs into toddler beds! Yay! We were really hoping that this would encourage them to sleep in their own beds (check out my previous post regarding co-sleeping).

We have a problem! Not so much about them getting out of their beds to come to ours (which is happening of course) the problem is Leah.

She keeps falling out of the bed!

The other night we tucked her in kissed her goodnight and went to bed. At about 2:30 a.m. there was a thud and a high pitched scream from our little girl. I jumped up and ran into the room and found my precious doll on the floor hollering! Not sure how she did it because there are rails on the bed but some how or another she fell through the hole in the middle. Last night to avoid the thud and scream I put a blanket on the (carpted) floor. Sure enough she fell through but landed on the plush quilt.

Poor kid… what to do? Guess we’ll have to invest in some more rails to keep her safely inside.

Until next time…

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