leftovers Thanksgiving turkey


Hey Y’all:

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Thanksgiving was really nice and forced me away for the digital world!

I’m back…

As I said Thanksgiving was really nice and of course tasty! We are almost a week past the great day of eating and I’m sure you’ve had more than enough left over turkey, ham, greens and potato salad to last until next year.

It’s time to toss the leftovers folks!

I was browsing my favorites and totally forgot about this neat site I found it’s a great site that helps you figure out the shelf life of your refrigerated and pantry items.

Did you know that you should toss that chicken you made on Sunday night by Wednesday? Grandma’s prized Thanksgiving pumpkin or sweet potato pie wasn’t any good after Sunday… so you should have either eaten it or tossed it.

Check out the site and be sure to raid the fridge and pantry to make sure you don’t have any out dated items!

Hope this information helps.
until next time…

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