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26 Years, 26 Lessons. Mr. & Mrs. Brown

Marriage = COMPROMISE – Doesn’t matter what the topic you have to compromise on many issues within a marriage. From what’s for dinner to where we’ll live you both have to come to a conclusion that makes everyone happy.


Young Bride, Wise Wife

For Richer or Poorer!!! This year has shown us what it means to live through both.

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23 Years, 23 Lessons – Mr & Mrs Brown

23 years, 23 Lessons. As of tomorrow 10/5/19 my husband and I have been married for 23 years!!!


19 Years and Counting!

19 years ago today I was in my early 20’s totally in love with this guy that I dated for 5 years, a recent college graduate (6 months out to be exact) and about to be a bride!!! We didn’t have a fancy wedding, no caterers (thanks Uncle Cornell), no paid wedding planner (thanks Aunt […]