Blessing in a Pandemic

Opportunities are Endless

This year of the pivot is pushing me to do things I’ve been afraid of but excited to try.

happy new year

Happy New Year!

I’m ready for 2021.

Let's Chat Mother Daughter

Let’s Chat Podcast

Take a listen to what we have to say!

husband and wife love love MARRIAGE

Our Story

Our story began February 1991 at 41 Rockaway Ave. Brooklyn, New York.

food thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2020

This year many people are practicing social distancing (we certainly are), staying local and keeping the turkey small. It will certainly be a different experience.

african american America

Proud to Be American

I understand why she can’t identify with a country that often displays its disdain for her beautiful mocha skin and tightly coiled hair.

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to Me!

I LOVE my birthday, it’s my own personal holiday.


Rock Your Vote

Let your voice be heard. Remember that your vote counts.

domestic violence domestic violence awareness elder abuse

Elder Abuse is Domestic Violence

I can’t imagine that anyone would ever be able to take advantage of her.

domestic violence

Bruised and Battered: Domestic Violence In the Workplace

Updated 2020 Tasha is a beautiful young lady. She comes to work dressed to the nines, hair laid, nails done, makeup always on point. Six months into the gig something changes. She is less focused on work tasks, begins to make senseless mistakes, you notice that she is wearing dark shades throughout the day, her […]