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2021/2022 School Year

Hey Y’all,

I am a broken record. Every year I write a post saying that I’m not ready for back to school and this year is no different. However this year I’m not emotionally ready for the new school year because it’s my oldest son’s Sr. year!

I’m not sure how time can seem so slow and then speed up in an instant. I remember the difficult days of early elementary school when he was having issues with testing and finding his place. It seemed like it was going to take forever to get him up to speed academically and socially. He used to take his shoes off everyday because he was comfortable in class. Seemed like that stage was going to last forever. Then he went to middle school and it was a blur.

Now our oldest, my first baby is a Sr. in High School. How did that happen? When did he start growing hair on his lip? I’m not emotionally prepared for all that comes with this next stage of life. The SAT, the college prep, the girl friend who I’m sure is coming very soon. As the mother of this sweet guy I’m not ready to say goodbye to this stage. I know he will be fine and so will I but… he’s my baby and he’s just about to leave the nest….

If you are a parent of an older child how did you cope with them growing up?

Until next time…

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