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Keep Your Sneakers ON!!!

Hey Y’all,

Erick’s Parent Teacher conference was last week and it was successful. We were already aware that he wasn’t doing very well in math and we also know that Erick has issues with focusing, he procrastinates and often doesn’t finish his assignments in class. 3rd grade has been an up hill battle but I’m confident that we will get over this hurdle and Erick will be the A student I know he was born to me.

Now going into the conference I was nervous. Not because I thought I would hear any horrific stories about his behavior or that I would be surprised about His difficulties… nope I knew about all of that before we walked in. I was worried about Erick and his sneakers.

Erick does not like to have anything, ANYTHING on his feet! Ever! well let me change that in the summer he doesn’t mind wearing his $19.99 Payless sandals. He loves those things and if it were up to him he’d wear them year round. I wrote about his shoe issue a couple weeks ago in this post. The first thing that comes off when Erick gets home from being outside are his shoes then his coat etc.

This is nothing new. My son has always stripped when he’s comfortable (literally) first the shoes and socks, then his shirt and finally his pants until he is down to his Hanes underwear. We have to MAKE him keep his clothes on when he gets to his great-grandmother’s house. Any who during his parent teacher conference I listened and waited, asked questions about his academics and waited and finally the other shoe dropped. “The only problem we have is that Erick takes his socks and shoes off.” says Ms. Powers…. My husband and I apologize profusely and say that it’s a sign that he’s comfortable in her classroom which she appreciates. We call Erick over and ask him to promise that he’ll keep his sneakers on moving forward. He said he would.. Hopefully he keeps his word.

This was the note we received in his homework folder the Friday after the conference.

Parenting is no joke!
Until next time…

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