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Hey June! How you Doin’?

June is the halfway point of the year! Parents in the northern states are preparing for graduations and the end of a long school year. We all just celebrated Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer. June to me means I have 6 more short months to make this year count!

At the top of the year I took a social media fast and had a plan for Sweet 16 to get my life in order. It has been a daily up hill battle (I almost spelled hill ‘HEEL’ smh) but I’m getting there. My weight loss journey went the way of potato chips as soon as the temperature dropped below 50 (smoothies in the winter aren’t my thing), my quest to wear makeup went straight out the window (I’m not cut out for the daily face beat, makeup (for me) is for special occasions ONLY), I just recently picked up my hooks and yarn to create crochet magic! Not sure what happened between March – May but I’m ready to get it started again. Even wrote up a few things I MUST accomplish by the end of this year, here are 3 (yes I know it’s an odd number but it’s bite sized with punch)!

  1. Lose Weight (for real this time)
    • The plan – bye bye bread, which will at least get the ball rolling. Now that it’s light longer I’ll get the kids out of the house in the evening for an after dinner stroll through the neighborhood.
  2. Crochet more.
    • The plan – currently working on a Dr. Seuss baby shower blanket. Then end of year gifts for the kids teachers
  3. Perfect my craft
    •  The plan – lots of research. Marketing is my thing and I’m a little behind. This year I really want to ramp up my education and maybe start researching higher education opportunities.

How do you stay motivated to keep pushing and reaching your start of the year goals? These types of posts are what I do. They are an honesty check for me…. something I can refer to mid year and get myself back together.


Until next time…

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