What is a Social Media Fast?

social media fastI can’t believe we are already in month 2 of Sweet (20)16!!!

I am of the mindset that this year is really going to knock my socks off (in a good way) I’m excited, anxious and READY for an abundance of new things to transpire in my life and I pray the same blessings for you.

My regular readers know that I’m a Christain and those of you visiting for the first time, welcome and yes I’m a Christian.

Every year I participate in a spiritual fast. During this time of consecration I pray for direction and ideas for a successful New Year. It is our belief that if we give God the first of our year He will continue to bless us throughout the year.  The principle is that all first things belong to God. In Leviticus 27:28-29, God lays out instructions for first fruits, “But nothing that a man owns and devotes to the Lord – whether man or animal or family or land – may be sold or redeemed; everything so devoted is most holy to the Lord.” (NIV).

OK Mrs Deveter what does this have to do with social media? That’s your question right? Well for me fasting is a sacrifice, one that requires the body to go without things it’s used to having, like coffee! I love my coffee but during the fast I denied myself. I also love social media.

Admittedly so.

It is the place where I can catch up with the lives of my family and friends near and far. I get inspiration for blog posts and share all the wonderful journeys that I encounter on a daily bases as the mom of three amazing little people and the wife of a pretty dope dude. So without social media I felt cut off from the ‘world’ although the battery on my phone lasted a bit longer. It was a sacrifice to be disconnected.

Social media is EVERYWHERE and it’s rather hard not be consumed by it. Those notifications, lights and the buzzing of the phone … like most people my phone is ALWAYS close by. I mean always…. During my fast I realized how much I pressed the start button, just in case there was a new notification. Did anybody like that picture I posted, did I get any comments on my question? What about my latest blog post? Did someone share it??? I was CONSUMED by social media.  It was time for a much needed detox.  As I look back at the past month I have to be honest and say that I missed social, but when someone came to my mind I made a conscious effort to reach out to them via email or phone. I had lunch with a few friends and played Just Dance a few times with my daughter when I probably would have been consumed but what others were doing.

Below you’ll find some some T.R.U.T.H. about the positive effects taking a social media break (or media in general) can afford you.

  • Time – Studies have shown that people spend as much as 9 hours a day using media. This includes television, social media, reading the news, the internet etc. Taking a break for social can give you a few more minutes in your day!
  • Real time connection – I can’t count how many friends I haven’t connected with over the phone or in person because I feel like I already know what’s going on with them thanks to their posts on social media. Taking a break allows you to actually make face to face time (not on Facetime) with your friends and loved one. This month I’m planning some real time catch up.
  • Up and At Em – I don’t exercise. That’s the truth, yes I’ll take the stairs over the escalator but I don’t move as much as I want to. I read about working out but i never really put it into action. During my social media fast with the time I’m getting back, I can walk some instead of riding the bus to my destination where I’ll get wrapped up in the latest on my news feed.
  • Thoughts – OK so I couldn’t think of another good “t” but when I say thoughts I mean your own thoughts. How often is your day consumed but something someone else said? A Twitter beef or Facebook soliloquies, can over take out thoughts and get us side tracked. During my social fast I was really out of touch with the ‘world’ aside from regular news I didn’t hear about any of the goings-on of the interwebs… it was rather refreshing.
  • Honest communication – truth is not many people are telling the truth on social media. Leading lives behind a keyboard that are pure fiction. Taking a break from social media will help you reflect on what’s most important. Step away from scrolling, liking and commenting and have some real life communication up close and personal.

I can’t lie I’m happy to be back in touch with the ‘world’ becasue I certainly missed seeing pictures of my nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers but I do feel refreshed.

Have you ever taken a social break? How did you feel during and after?

Until next time…


2 replies on “What is a Social Media Fast?”

The best thing to do is not to abstain completely from social media. Just don’t use it a lot.

There isn’t a lot of quality content in Twitter or Facebook. People mostly post trivial crap. It’s worth checking once or twice a day and after that, stick to blogs or niche websites. They’re driven by content, rather than by validation.


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