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Parenting Multiples: Spreading the Love

Hey y’all,

This post is not about multiples as in twins or triplets but multiples as in more than one child. I don’t know about y’all but if you have more than one child it can often be a struggle to ‘spread the love’. My mom is the mother of 9 children and I always wondered how she knew each of us and could love us all in the way that we need to be loved. I often think of Michelle Duggar and wonder how in the world she spreads herself and her love among 19 children.

One of my friends has three children just like me and this year happens to be graduation and moving up ceremonies for two of her kiddies. Of course she posted these proud mommy moments and shared her congratulations to her children in public. What about the third child you may ask? Well this brilliant mama gave him kudos as well. Basically she praised him for being a good son and brother and thanked him for being a part of his brother and sisters celebration.

That tiny act inspired me.
It inspired me because there are a lot of children out there who’s parents don’t know how to spread the love. They shower one of their children with accolades and gifts and the other(s) are left out. As the mom of three it can be difficult at times to spread myself around… play tea party and dance with Leah, watch and encourage Erick to defeat Bowser on Super Mario Brothers and listen to Myles practice on the drum pad, all of this AFTER coming home from work, checking homework, preparing dinner etc. I MUST do it though. I have to give each of my children their Mommy time. They deserve it and so do I.

How do you spread yourself around to show all of your children that they are loved? Please share in the comments section.

Until next time…

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