3 little browns

#TwinTuesday: Separation Anxiety

Over the summer the twins were separated! Myles was home in NY attending Boys Club of NY while Leah was in NC enjoying her time with her little girl cousins and Nana. I’m sure I missed her more than Myles and Erick did because I was the ONLY girl in the house for almost 2 months. With the boys and hubby there was way too much testosterone!  We spoke to baby girl every single day and sometimes multiple times. However there was one particular day that Myles was truly missing his sister.

While I was sitting on the couch he ran into the living room (running is his #1 mode of transport) and asked me to feel his heart. “Mommy my heart is beating really fast” he said. So I placed my hand above his heart and yes, it was going a mile a minute! Of course I was concerned… told him to stop running and calm down and hopefully it will get back to its regular rhythm. I even laid him on me breast to breast so he could feel my normal heartbeat and see if that worked. As he laid there I started to ask him questions about his day at boys club, the activities he enjoyed etc. and then I asked “do you miss Leah?” he looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and shook his head up and down. I believe his accelerated heartbeat was a sign of anxiety. I can’t image how it must feel when you are connected to a person all of your life (literally) and then you are apart from one another for an extended period of time. A couple hours or even a full school day is OK because you know that you’ll be reunited at the end of the day but weeks on end of absence from the one person you shared the womb with must be heart wrenching.

The Wonder Twins

I checked online to see if there were any studies referencing twin separation and thought this quote from fit Myles and Leah perfectly “Because the twin bond is so strong being apart can seem to be almost physically painful. When you’re very close you think about each other a lot. It means when you’re apart you miss each other all the more. Talking to each other on the phone can help but just watch out for the massive phone bills!” I have a feeling that my twins will be close for the rest of their lives, and I’m fine with that.

They are back together again and couldn’t be happier!

Until next time…

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