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The Beginning: Leah Simone Designs

Leah Simone Designs features handmade crochet items, from earrings to star shaped baby blankets Leah Simone Designs are the must have crocheted accessory

I’ve always known how to crochet. Not sure when or how I learned but for as long as I can remember I’ve been able to create a chain and then a blanket nothing more than that. In January 2011 I found myself jobless and knew I needed to keep my self occupied. Aside from being a SAHM I needed to feel like I was doing something. So while on a trip to Walmart I decided to get some yarn to crochet a blanket for my little sister who was having her first child. I thoroughly enjoyed the creation and decided to buy some more yarn and make another just for the heck of it. So yellow yarn it was and a regular blanket I would make.

I took the yarn with me one afternoon and crocheted in an African hair braiding salon while getting my do done. On this particular day I was introduced to the true craft of crocheting by Hope Ford. Hope is an extraordinary sistah who not only inspired, but challenged me to dig deeper and truly hone the craft of crocheting. While in the salon Hope was crocheting a Star Blanket!!! Who does that? I was in awe and wanted to learn more. She turned me onto the tutorials that are so abundant on on Youtube and a business was born.


I realized that I could crochet anything! I taught myself to read patterns and to crochet with hooks from size 2.00 MM to size S! My hobby or pass time activity quickly became a business that I named after my daughter. I know I have so much more to learn and deeper creativity to draw from but I absolutely love the art of crochet and hope that everyone who purchases an item from me will appropriate the hard work it takes to turn a ball of yarn into something beautiful.

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Deveter. I want to hook you up with a sister I know who crochets prayer shawls. She has a ministry in her church where she crochets and prays as she makes every stick. She has PAGES of testimonies of people being healed from wearing her prayed-over-hand-crocheted-shawls. You two would be great together. God bless your business!


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