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Whatever Wednesday: The "Ladies" Room

Hey Folks,

Guys this one is for the Ladies ONLY

I currently work on Madison Avenue, which is a  rather up scale area of New York city. Our neighbors are Channel, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Dior just to name a few. We are a few short blocks away from the beautiful grassy oasis Central Park. I’ve worked in Lower Manhattan where you’ll find more trendy boutiques and artisty folks displaying their wears. One thing remains the same no matter what area of NYC I’ve worked in the ‘ladies’ room is the most disgusting place to visit.

I understand public restrooms in malls, parks and fast food restaurants being gross because they can see thousands of people in a days time. Why oh why are the rest room in corporate buildings so nasty? Why I ask, why don’t people consider the person coming into the stall after them.  I have walked out of the ladies room and held my bladder because of some of the things I’ve seen in the stall, on the wall etc. just plain disgusting. I don’t know when women became worse then men! Ladies… please for the sake of all of us take heed to the list below that I found on Yahoo! Voices titled Ladies Room Bring Glamour Back to the Bathroom.
It’s perfect etiquette and it will help us all.

Clean Up Your Tinkle: If an accidental drip splashes anywhere other than inside the bowl, wipe it up. Please don’t leave me to clean the seat when I’m about to burst at the seams. Blood, pee and poo are all disgusting to clean up, so just do it when it is moist and easily comes off.

Leave the Toilet Working: Do not dump a pad, tampon or the entire industrial roll of toilet paper into the bowl and make it impossible to use and requires a plumber to come out and fix. It isn’t harmless fun, damages the toilet, the plumbing and hurts those women who really need to relieve themselves.

Wrap Your Pads and Tampons: Under no condition throw unwrapped pad into the garbage, unless the finished seat covers and toilet paper are gone. The next girl who has to reach into the garbage to throw away her waste doesn’t want to palm rogue menstruation.

Pass the Toilet Paper: If when walking through the bathroom and a woman asks for toilet paper, take the time to find her some and pass it over. To ignore such a plea is a heartless act indeed.

It Stinks in Here: Yes it stinks in the bathroom, no reason to say it out loud. The person may be sitting, trying to finish up her bowel movement. She does not need to feel as if she is offending her bathroom mates because they are too idiotic to understand poop belongs in a toilet.

18 Paper Towels are not Necessary: There is no reason for any person to use 18 paper towels to dry their hands. Contrary to popular belief, one paper towel is adequate to dry both hands if done properly. If one is not enough, two will be adequate. After two paper towels you are just making a mess, increasing the cost for everyone, not caring for our environment and being wasteful.

In the Garbage, Not Near the Garbage: We all play bathroom basketball from time to time and we all miss a shot. When a shot is missed, it is the responsibility of the shooter to pick it up and slam dunk it into the can.

Personal Space in Line: It is just downright rude when in line to invade the personal space of another woman. She will move as soon as she is able, so back off. If bathroom is small or the entry is small, don’t cram in the doorway. If people can’t get out, it is not possible to get in, and the people crowding the door are just screwing themselves out of the opportunity to pee.

Don’t Stand at the Sink: If a woman has just left the toilet, allow her to use the sink. If a freshen-up is necessary, stand to the side or behind her while she washes her hands and then return to your spot. Hand washing usually only takes a minute or two, it can wait.

None of these rules are major inconveniences to the person following them and none are useless. Give the other women who have to share the bathroom a break and be ladylike, at least in the bathroom.

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One reply on “Whatever Wednesday: The "Ladies" Room”

OMG can you please post this in every bathroom around the world. And if I may add one more it would be if you don't follow these rules you must come back at the end of the day clean up after everyone! Thanks so much this =)


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