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Educate Yourself

Just because you have the natural ability to do something well, there are still things to learn.

Hey y’all,

Some of us were born with natural talent. Whether it be in the arts or finance and science we have an innate ability to just do it. A child can pick up a pair of drum sticks and become the next Stix Bones or pick up a paintbrush and become the next Basquiat. Even those with natural-born talent need to be educated. That child who can easily find their rhythm still needs to be taught what each part of the drum is and how to use it the same for a painter, they need to know what type of paint adheres to their canvas of choice. I share this today to encourage you to never stop educating yourself in your craft.

Just because you have the natural ability to do something well, there are still things to learn. As a crocheter, I’m always learning new things. Thanks to the amazing talents of so many who are willing to share and teach on social media and YouTube my craft has grown exponentially. I see it in the products I produce from my first doll to my most recent creation I have grown. I was speaking to a self-taught photographer the other day and he shared he recently returned from a photographers conference. I told him I was impressed that he would take the time and money to travel to a conference to learn more about his craft. We all need a little extra knowledge even if we consider ourselves experts.

I was listening to an interview by Stix Bones (yes I will continue to namedrop him) and one of the things he said multiple times to the audience of music lovers and creators was, “educate yourself”. It’s not good enough to know your craft on your level, but you also need to know the history. Get knowledge on how you can take it even further. Never stop learning. I was so impressed by this push so I was signed up to attend a crochet conference in July to help me hone my craft and learn even more about the business of crochet.

If you are looking to venture into a business or take your side hustle mainstream, please do yourself a favor and educate yourself!

Until next time…

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