New Music Friday

New Music Friday: Brooklyn Nites

Each song on the album is named after a section of our beloved NYC borough BROOKLYN! Currently my favorite track is Coney Island Sunset, for obvious reasons (iykyk)!

Hey Y’all,

Happy Friday!!! We made it through a whole new week PHEW!!! To kick off the weekend I’d like to introduce you to the latest album by my amazing husband Stix Bones!!! Brooklyn Nites!

According to the press release “Brooklyn Nites” follows a fantastic body of work from Stix Bones’ catalog, which includes notable recordings, such as his debut project, “Groove Like This,”[jazz] “Twice As Nice,”[jazz] Mesmerized,”[soulful house] featuring Nadira Norjahan, “Raise Up,” featuring WordsWorth, Appears in the soundtrack for the movie, “Saint Judy.” Other notable recordings are “Breaking The Dance Floor,” featuring Imani Coppola, and “Breaks From The Soul,” EP, which features a blend of jazz and hip-hop breakbeats.

Not neglecting to mention that Stix Bones was enlisted by De La Soul, Jessica CARE Moore, Lyricist Lounge, Derrick N Ashong, and Rahzel [The Roots] for live performances and tours.

Brooklyn Nites by Stix Bones

Stix Bones takes a unique and fresh look at the lofi sound with this bouncing new beat. A crisp snare pushes through the mix and keeps the grooves tight while the kick swings and pulses along the low end, accompanied with a warm tonal bass line. Taking the lead is a soulful combination of guitar stabs, keys and sweeping atmospheres. Laced with Jazz influences and Hip Hop flavours, this vibrant track is the perfect introduction to Stix Bones upcoming Project, Brooklyn Nites

It’s nice reading what the trades are saying about Stix but I can speak from a personal perspective. When the pandemic hit Stix just released his Funk Jazz album “Breaks From The Soul” he was excited about hitting the road with his band The Bone Squad and bringing live music to the people. Them BAM!!!

Everything was shut down!

It was a worldwide pandemic so that means not only were clubs closed in the NY area but EVERYWHERE. He didn’t have anywhere to play live. As most musicians he was crushed. He spent so much time, effort and MONEY to produce an album that he loved but nobody would hear it live! This would cause most people to throw in the towel but not Stix! He did everything in his power to keep the ball rolling on his music career. Taking interviews when offered, attending virtual events and ultimately going back into the studio to produce something new.

Since we were in a pandemic he didn’t actually go into the studio he set up shop at our dining room table and created “Brooklyn Nites” in the comfort of our home. He consulted with our children and they gave him the nod to try Lofi! It’s a new genre for Stix but the album holds true to his core, drums! You will hear the kick drum and the snare you will hear cymbals and the floor tom because they are a part of his genetic makeup! Each song on the album is named after a section of our beloved NYC borough BROOKLYN! Currently my favorite track is Coney Island Sunset, for obvious reasons (iykyk)!

I’m very proud of this project and look forward to crocheting with it!

Please take a listen, and add to all of your playlists! Available NOW on Spotify, YouTube, Samsung Music and Apple Music!!!

Let me know what you think!

Until next time…

One reply on “New Music Friday: Brooklyn Nites”

Very nice vibe; I Subscribed! It’s very chill music. Thank you for sharing it with all of us! Kudos to him for his great work!


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