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Mother’s Day 2021

Needless to say I really miss my mother, everyday but Mother’s Day is always hard.

Hey Y’all,

Mother’s Day has always been a wonderful holiday for me. My mom is the mother of 9 children and the oldest of her siblings. Mother’s day always meant lots of phone calls and visits. People showed her the utmost respect and love. Mother’s Day is lack luster now. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE being a mother but celebrating Mother’s Day without Mommy has been very difficult the past two years. I try my best to celebrate the mom’s in my life through cards and calls but it’s just not the same as seeing or speaking to the woman who gave me life.

Not sure how we will celebrate this year.

In 2019 I celebrated my last Mother’s day with my mom. I of course, didn’t know it would be our last one. I didn’t know that laying in the bed with her that day would be my final opportunity to show her how much I loved and appreciated her, I didn’t know it was our last Mother’s Day. Death is interesting in hindsight, every picture that I look at that has a time stamp I say ‘wow that was our last vacation together” or ” that was our last birthday together” this year alone I’ve said man I wish I would have known that this would be our last… together. I always assume that I would have done something differently. Treasured the time a little more.

Mother’s Day 2017 or 2018

Needless to say I really miss my mother everyday, but Mother’s Day is always hard. This year I’ve decided to send Mother’s Day cards to a few select women who have been influential in my life.

My suggestion to you, is the celebrate EVERYDAY don’t wait for holiday’s or special occasions. Appreciate your loved ones on a daily bases and do so openly. Let your parents know you love and appreciate them, tell your children how grateful you are that God blessed you with them. The next moment is not promised, don’t live life with regrets.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there and that doesn’t just include women who have birthed children into the world but Godmom’s foster and adoptive moms, aunts, cousins and best friends who have taken on the great responsibility to help guide young people through life’s journey. You are appreciated.

Until next time…


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