Women's History Month

#WCW Ruth Cesar

When you know better, you DO better…and as for me and my future classrooms, the narrative changes NOW!

Hey yall,

It’s #WCW. I know it’s late in the day but a sister has been BUSY! Today’s WCW is an amazing woman. She’s a wife, mother, sister, and devoted daughter. I haven’t known Ruth for a very long time but I know her spirit and she’s alright with me! She’s funny, smart, and passionate about education. Here are my 5 W’s get to know her, you won’t regret it!

WHO: Ruth Auguste Ceasar, MSEd. (cause she worked hard for those letters) AKA Mizz Ceezah. Mother to a little Prince, wife to one of NYC’s Boldest, big sister, oldest daughter and an Associate Minister of the New Life Cathedral in Brooklyn NY. Ruth is currently a pre-Kindergarten teacher.

WHAT: Welcome to Mizz Ceezah’s Pre-K Classroom!

WHY: During the time we currently live in with children learning via computer it is essential that the person behind the computer screen is passionate about the education of children, particularly children of Color who are disproportionately falling behind. Mizz Cheezah’s Clasroom provides resources, activities and even events “…creating big ideas for little learners…” I was moved to feature Ruth for Women’s History Month because of her stand to remove Dr. Seuss her curriculum. She posted on IG that she would no longer celebrate his birthday during Read Across America! Check out what she said:

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday as well as “Read Across America” in the month of March, I wanted to share about what used to be one of my favorite writers and classroom themes, Dr. Seuss. I’ve learned about Dr. Seuss, the racist disposition that he had when he first began writing stories, and how it has even affected our classrooms all over the world. Over the last ten years, I have created classroom environments and content with Dr. Seuss as my reoccurring theme; however, research has shown how much of a disservice this was to our black and brown students. When the literature doesn’t reflect our children, it has the potential of making them feel as if they don’t belong! When students feel like they aren’t reflected in a classroom setting, it can stunt their academic growth. Parents and teachers can change the narrative. Please take a look at my perspective regarding my personal experience, the research that has been conducted, as well as several resources compiled by a fellow Indian-American educator (which I had the pleasure of chatting with) of different books with diverse representation of students and families that teachers and parents can use to teach our black and brown children (this book compilation has been shared already, as I was scheduled to post a few weeks back, but had to make some adjustments). When you know better, you DO better…and as for me and my future classrooms, the narrative changes NOW!

The link is in the bio, and the compilation of books attached are by @teachforthechange
Feel free to share with a parent, educator, or friend. Happy reading!!!

WHEN: 24/7 It’s digital access it as often as you like. Parents of Pre-K people PLEASE use this resource.

WHERE: Visit often

HOW: Make time to teach your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews all the little people in your life. There are resources that can help you. You aren’t alone; Mizz Ceezah is right there with you!

Until next time…

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