Women's History Month

#WCW Melaine Rochford

A talented woman of God who is a champion for the youth, she’s a talented singer, communicator and author

Hey y’all,

As I shared last week, during Women’s History Month I will profile 4 women as my WCW (women crush Wednesday). Each of the ladies I will profile holds a special place in my heart and are worthy of recognition. Each post will be presented in the WWWWH format. I hope you enjoy.

Who: Melaine Rochford an Associate Minister (Pastor) of the New Life Cathedral in Brooklyn NY under the leadership of her father Archbishop Robert Joel Rochford, is a communicator, author, scholar, anointed singer and author. She utilizes her multi-faceted abilities in service to God and humanity. Melaine is the only daughter of the Archbishop and her beloved mother Pastor Lois Elaine Rochford who transitioned to her heavenly home in 2014; and sister to Elder Joel Rochford.

What: The Lois E Rochford Foundation The mission of The Lois E. Rochford Foundation is to improve the quality of life for youth and their families, beginning with Brooklyn’s Brownsville neighborhood.
The Kingdom Daughters is a Non-Profit Organization designed to connect and empower the daughters and granddaughters of leaders as they impact the world and to empower women of faith at large.
VoiceMel is media and communication company that specializes in producing and publishing inspirational  and diverse content for all ages to enjoy.  

WHY: Melaine is an inspiration to me and that is why I decided to feature her as my WCW this year. When my mom passed away in 2018 Melaine was a person I silently looked to for direction in maneuvering this rocky terrain of loss. When Pastor Lois passed away in 2014 Melaine stood the test and was a perfect example.

When: 24/7 Melaine is a talented woman of God who is a champion for the youth, she’s a talented singer, communicator and author.

WHERE: Check her out on social media she is always sharing some good insight on the state of our country, our society and living as a Black Woman in America.

HOW: Get involved with any of her causes listed above and buy her music and books. That’s how you can support my WCW.

Until next time…

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