3 little browns twin tuesday

Twin Tuesday: New Phones

October 4th was the twins half birthday. They are officially 12 1/2 years old. In 6 short months we will be parents of 3 teenagers!!! LORD HAVE MERCY!!!

This leads me to this late Twin Tuesday post! Tonight we purchased their first phones. My husband and I are Android people. We have been for a long time. We’ve never been up on that Apple tree and we are fine with that. These kids (the twins) however are Apple enthusiast. “All of our friends have iPhones”, “we need to imessage”, “oh my gosh Mommy we can’t Facetime from your Samsung” blah blah blah. It was always our plan to get them phones when they turned 13. However we weren’t set on getting them iPhones.

Today hubby and I walked into TMobile and an hour later we came out with two new phones yes iPhones, protective cases and screens. We came home and presented said phones to them. There was lots of screaming and hugging. I created iCloud accounts (yes with an ‘s’ because you can’t have one account for two children. The girl was so excited she couldn’t finish her dinner! After the screaming and hugging we let them start setting up their phones. Fast forward about 30 mins and Myles forgot his passcode!!!

I watch a lot of crime TV, so this scene was very familiar to me, even with my limited Apple knowledge. There is NO WAY to get into an iPhone once it’s locked. I’ve watched Benson and Stabler try on Law & Order to no avail. He was LOCKED out. Now I told yall we aren’t Apple people so… here I am looking at this poor child and his brand new locked phone. Wondering what next? I went to the Google machine to ask for help and her directions along with those of her brother YouTube did nada. So I called the Apple people!

Their father had already given them the “you break it, oh well” lecture, but nobody thought about the importance of creating a passcode you’ll remember. So alas here I am at 11:15 PM after hanging up with Apple, waiting for this phone to factory reset.

I’m not ready for these two to be teenagers. Erick is so different. He has always been easy. These two require the patience of Job.

Yall pray for your girl!

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