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Apple Picking Adventure

I did it!!!! I got my family out of the house!!!! This weekend we took a drive out to the Hamptons and visited Hanks Pumpkin Farm. I was excited I, was in dier need for a family drive and some quality time with my peeps.

What I learned is that teens and tweens are very different people. The experience I’ve had in the past going apple picking included a lot of “oohs” and “aaaahs”. This time around was alot of “its hot’s” and “this bag is heavy”. Although they didn’t want to take alot of pictures for me and our late arrival resulted in bare trees, to which Erick said “we can just buy some from Keyfood”. I beleive they had fun.

Family time is so important to me and I’m committed to find ways to make it happen in the midst of this pandemic, which is still happening btw keep wearing your mask!!!!

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