interview stix bones

Father /Son Interview

Erick is in the 11th grade (not sure when that happened?). This year he is doing somethings that are of interest to him specifically video tech. Erick has always loved to be behind the camera. I would often find random videos of him creating scenes from Thomas the Tank Engine on my phone. Prior to the pandemic he was learning alot about the subject at church as part of the media team (thank you Adrienne for your patience).

Recently he had an assignment to film a biography. Erick is blessed to have a living Great-Grandmother, an Uncle who was a Corrections Officer, God Parents who are Police Officers, a cousin who is a RN and so many other people with notable careers, the person he chose to interview for his first project was his father. His father was the first person he considered. To me that speaks volumes. It is clear that he admires his dad and wants to be like him when he grows up. I watched them edit the below video together and it made me smile.

Today a radio interview went live featuring Stix. It was a cool bio and promotion for his new album Breaks from The Soul but the interview below is the best one he’s ever done, in my opinion. It is honest, it is from the heart and the interviewee stole his face. Please enjoy “Biography” by Erick and Franklin Brown.

Stix Bones Bio

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