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Finding Balance

EVERYONE is working digitally.

When they were little finding self-care balance was hard. They were always in the bathroom with me. I didn’t feel like I had a moment alone. As they got older and we began to get into a rhythm it wasn’t as bad to figure out a balance between the twins and the older kid, self-care, husband and wife care etc. Fast forward to the year of “perfect vision” 2020 and all the balance is out of wack. I mean stuff is all over the place!

Finding a family balance in the midst of a pandemic has proven to be quite difficult. The balance that I’m most challenged with right now is with electronics. EVERYONE is working digitally. We are all on the computer for hours on end, for work, for school, for church and for ENTERTAINMENT. Making sure we are unplugging is becoming increasingly difficult. I think I’ve been in the house for 3 days straight. The last time I was out was to go grocery shopping. We haven’t had a family recreation outdoors since the start of school.

I’m tired of being home. I’m tired of the computer and I need to figure out how we can get some balance back into our lives. As we head into the last weeks of September I’m preparing for the cooler weather and I gotta figure out how to get some screen free time in as a family.

Here are three things I will try to implement:

  • Family Game Night. We love Kahoot! but we need a screen free game. I think we’ll dust off the UNO cards and the Scattergories box and get our game on.
  • Take a Walk. We live in a beautiful neighborhood it’s time we take advantage of it. I will aim to LOG OFF all electronics at 6-7 and take a walk. Even if we just go around the block.
  • Cook Dinner Together. I often just take care of dinner but for the month of October we will cook together (pray for me). Let me log on to Pinterest and figure it out.

How are you balancing your family during this unchartered times?

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