New Music Friday stix bones

New Music Friday: Breaks From The Soul

Stix Bones is at is again!!!

Producer/Drummer/Songwriter and Arranger Stix Bones is at is again!!! Releasing today is his long awaited EP BREAKS FROM THE SOUL!!!!

If Hip Hop were a car, the drummer would be the driver. The rest of us are just riders! 🥁

Drummers are the driving force behind all genres of music. Drummers provide us with that proverbial “pocket” we revolve around from a song’s start, to it’s finish. But when it comes to Hip Hop, there’s a special drum segment within a track DJs like Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa and GrandMaster Flash coined, “the break”. This is the part where the band gives the drummer some, and considering how brief “the break” part of songs like “Funky Drummer” actually lasts, it’s amazing to think how DJing, MCing, Breaking and Sampling are inspired by a section of a song that typically lasts all but a handful of seconds.  
This Friday, September 18th, one of my favorite Hip Hop drummers @stixbones will release his debut EP  BREAKS FROM THE SOUL

– Dj Rob Swift

To say I’m excited is an understatement! Stix has bought us some amazing music in the past from Groove Like That, Groove Like This and Bones Beats! Now we have the pleasure of hearing something fresh and new. BREAKS FROM THE SOUL is targeted toward producers and DJs for sample purposes but a jam like “What The Funk You Want” is ready for everyone to enjoy.

BREAKS FROM THE SOUL is now available for digital download on all your favorite streaming outlets.

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