Blessing in a Pandemic New Music Friday stix bones

New Music Friday: Stix Bones

Breakin’ The Dance Floor!

It’s Friday AND a holiday weekend (although this year we will be celebrating socially distanced!). I’m so excited to share my first New Music Friday post! Of course I’d have to start this series by featuring my uber talented husband, arranger, drummer, song writer and producer extraordinaire Stix Bones !!!!

Breakin’ The Dance Floor is the latest release from Stix featuring indie-pop singer-songwriter Imani Coppola! Stix and Imani are both Purchase College Alum and have been students of the music school are hard knocks!

Breakin’ The Dance Floor is a fun, energetic and upbeat album that will make you want to move! The video was shot during the hight of the coronavirus in NYC. Stix and Imani encouraged participants to have fun with their video which resulted in a piece that could have been nomianted for the MTV Video Music Awards new category Quarantine Performances.

If you know Stix you know the beat is banging and the rhythm is on point. Imani’s voice is full of raspy goodness, and although we are living in a significant moment with police brutality, a monumental election, and a detrimental virus Breakin’ the Dance Floor encourages us to embrace the blessings that we have in each moment and not get pulled down but the negatives that are all around us.

Download your copy today!

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