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Hello September – Back to School

We are entering the school year unsure of almost everything.

Well here we are … brisk mornings, pumpkin spice coffee and back to school, all the things early September brings. Labor day will mark the unofficial end of summer and as with years past I’M NOT READY!

This year I’m especially not ready!!! The twins are headed to middle school and our big guy is headed to the 11th grade. This year has proven to be one for the history books for sure, thanks to an unseen virus. This virus has destroyed so many things and has taken so many lives. Now that we are headed back to school we will not go back with business as usual.

The 2020-2021 school year will be unlike anything we have ever experienced. From alternate days of attendance, remote school, face masks, one way halls and stair cases, and single seats in the luchroom just to name a few. We are entering the school year unsure of almost everything. What I do know is that children are resilient. As parents it’s our responsibility to encourage and support them. Not only will they have to deal with fear around the virus but the normal stresses of pre-teen and teen life.

This year I will support my children on an even deeper level, teaching them the value of mindfulness, increasing their prayer lives and having round table discussions more often. I’m so excited about their futures and what them to succeed in all that they do.

What are your back to school goals?

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