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Twin Tuesday: Middle School

Tweens are different.

Today the twins went to school for orientation. Middle School orientation. Like big people school. No more standing on lines to walk through the halls, no more circle time (although I’m sure that ended a long time ago), no more one classroom, one teacher, MIDDLE SCHOOL. My babies who I just gave birth to (12 years isn’t a long time ago) are headed to secondary school and it’s a big deal. Tweens are different. Much like toddlers who aren’t babies or big kids. Tweens are different. It’s a 4 year period between 9-12 which offers so many challenges, not just for the child but for the parents as well. Tweens are going through so much, their bodies are changing, they are developing their own ideas about life and their personalities are starting to solidify.

According to research “Tweens are able to use more logic, reason and deduction than a younger child can, it’s not as advanced as it would be in a teen or adult, but it’s notably different from before.” This does NOT mean they make the best choices all the time. Their prefrontal cortex — which is the part of the brain that handles decision-making, judgment and planning — is still relatively immature in tween and teen brains, this explains the impulsive thinking or lack of thinking through consequences that is commonly seen in this age group.” And here in lies my unease about middle school.

With middle school comes a level of independence that frightens me. I wasn’t as worried about Erick as I am about Myles and Leah. They are both a lot more outgoing and adventurous. Although I know that they are respectful and understand that making a bad decision will get them in hot water; I can’t help but wonder if they will try ‘it’ anyway. I don’t mean drugs because I have drilled that ‘drugs are bad’ into their heads but other things that kids are doing. I pray that our voice is loud enough in their heads that they will be able to say no to ‘it’. “It” could be skipping class or walking home a different way then they were instructed, it could be listening to music that we don’t approve of, or using inappropriate language ( yes I’m THAT mom). As parents all we can do is raise our children to be upstanding and just citizens of the world, it is up to them to live the life. So yeah middle school scares me. Not to mention social distancing! Lord have mercy this is going to be one interesting school year on so many levels.

I’m confident that we are going to get through it with our family in tact but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was concerned.

Till next time…

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