Teenage Work Ethic

This guy’s worth ethic is impeccable.

Most people believe that teenagers are listless, only interested in electronics, eating and chilling. Thankfully that’s not Erick’s story (although he does love his electronics). This summer he has been working with his uncle, and this guy’s worth ethic is impeccable. He typically works on Wednesday’s helping at a church food pantry, throughout the summer he has also done some light handy man work like laying down laminate floors, painting, recycling, cutting down tree limbs etc.

Earlier this week he received a text from his uncle to work on a day when he is typically off. This particular day I scheduled to take them to the beach. His immediate answer to working that day was “sure”. He didn’t over think it he didn’t complain about it, he woke up on time and prepared himself for what ever the day entailed.

I’m inspired by his work ethic. I hope that he continues to take pride in the work he does and the lessons he has learned.  Below is a video he created for a church service speaking about long suffering.

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