Change, Is Not a Dirty Word

Change is a verb, a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence.
Change = make or become different, take or use another instead of.
According to Benjamin Disraeli “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.”

Change is not a dirty word, it’s life-altering and can be really really good.  Recently I was part of a major company change. It was scary, uncertain and often times has me scratching my head. Change of office, change of commute change change change…. some people were rather upset about the change. Some were super excited. Now that I’m almost 9 months into this change I see things a lot clearer. I see that I really am a roll with the punches kind of girl. As long it’s not directly impacting my bottom line (family, faith & finances) I can pretty much go with the flow.


As we approach 2018 I’m starting to really get my life and I’m seeing the thing that really matters, reducing the focus on things that are temporary.

I’m thankful for change.

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