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Graduation Time. Should I Go Back?

If your social media timelines look anything like mine I’m sure you’ve begun to see plenty of graduation pictures posted by proud family members and graduates a like. I know a few people personally who have walked across the stage and I’m so proud of their accomplishments. Come June I’ll be posting pictures of my big boy who’s graduating from elementary school (when did he grow up?)!

It has been exactly 20 years (give a few days) that I walked across the stage and received my BA from SUNY  Purchase College. I’ve always said that I wanted to go back for my Masters in Business. I would fill out the forms that came through the mail offering scholarships and financial aide etc but I never followed through. Then I got married, began to enjoy my career and 8 years after graduation I was a first time mom.

Now that graduation season is upon us I’m starting to think about going back to school. Do I NEED a Master’s Degree to continue advancing in my career? Do I WANT to go through the drama that is school? I mean working a full time job and being a full time mom is a whole lot on my plate as it is….

I look at my friends who are doing it, they make it seem seamless. Dana is working on her second Master’s then going for her Doctorate,   I just don’t know if I have what it takes to do it and not lose it!

For those who are doing it all I do commend you. Maybe I’ll take a certificate course or two to see if I can pull this off or not!

What y’all think?

One reply on “Graduation Time. Should I Go Back?”

I think you should go for it. It’ll give you something in common with your children. Homework as a family could be fun and funny at the same time. It could also help them be more independent being that “mommy” has homework to complete as well.


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