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On this, the day after Mother’s Day I feel compelled to share this post with you. I wrote it on my phone a few months ago. Not sure how it will be received but this post is for me.

8, 18 or 80 the loss of your mother must be the most unbearable of pains. As Christians we have lovely euphemisms like “there is no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal”, The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord”, “time heals all wounds” and I know for sure there are hundreds more. As I prepare to travel to a home going service of a very precious woman, the mother of 11 children, I am reminded that if the Lord delays His coming, one day I might walk in the shoes of so many of my friends and loved ones. One day I might have to prepare the Home going service of my ROCK.

I speak to my mother EVERY day. If we miss a day or two it’s like something is missing from my world. Often our conversations are quick check ins, others are in-depth discussions about the power of prayer, the favor of God and how grateful we are to have one another. On many occasions I’ve shared that my mother is my best friend. There are some people in our lives who just get us, for me she is the one. She knows me, sometimes better then I know myself.

My Mom is my Rock.

When I was a teenager my mom traveled with the foster and adoptive agency she was a part of. She was, for many years the President of the organization and traveled frequently to conferences, leaving me behind to man the fort as Mommy #2  to my brothers and sisters. Every time she’d leave she would tell me where all the “important papers” were located. Those were her insurance documents should anything happen to her during her trip. I would always protest saying, we didn’t need to look at the papers because she would be just fine.

I never want to experience the pain of losing my Mommy. Never. I’ve told God this on many occasions. Reminding Him of all the promises that were made to her, that have yet to be fulfilled. As she approaches her 70th birthday (we celebrated her birthday on 4/4/16) and I see her fragility, I reminded God again that there are so many promises yet to be fulfilled, so she has to stay here for them to happen.

Mommy and DeeMommy is NOT sick and I’m not writing this for any particular reason besides that I’m aware of our mortality  and having seen so many posts from friends and loved ones paying tribute to their Mom’s for Mother’s day I just felt it was time to release this.

I will continue to shower Mommy with all the love and attention she deserves and I will continue to give her, her flowers while she can smell them. I will do my best not to focus on the negative but to always accentuate the positive.

To all my friends who don’t have their mom’s here with them in the flesh know that you are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers (not just on Mother’s Day).


Until next time…

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