women's history month

21st Century Heroes: YOU!

This post is dedicated to all the women out there who are doing IT!

What is IT?  Well, IT is working a full time job, going back to school (for a second masters no less), opening businesses, organizing lives, working in ministry, raising children, taking care of elderly loved ones, managing budgets, transitioning hair, job hunting, traveling, crocheting, knitting, decorating, filming, photographing, choreographing, buying and selling homes, policing, teaching, PRAYING, exercising, witnessing, campaigning, preaching, protecting, and all the other amazing things that women do. Today I celebrate you.

I don’t have to look to media to find women who are making history and doing big things. All I have to do is scroll down my social timelines and see that my girl Nicole now has 10K Instagram followers for her nail art, my sister girl Dana is a minister, mother and wife yet she’s going to back to school for her 2nd Masters and will continue on to get her PHd. Melissa just launched her new website , Melaine is preaching her tail sermon at Drew University Theological School at the end of the month.  Denise and Ginger are Avon selling queens, Sharise just returned from a ministry mission in Seoul Korea, Renata Del Carmen has embarked upon a 31 day journey to pursuing your dreams. She’s encouraging people to suffocate fears, do their part and expect the miracle. Aniqua Janee Wilkerson is the creating beautiful crochet dolls that are her Kinda Thing and breathtakingly stunning. My West coast sister friend Khadijah is making Crowns for Queens! My super stylish cousin Tanya was a hairstylist to the stars, went into accounting, opened a coffee shop and then realized that she is a fashionista and is now bringing her style to EVERYONE with Be Chic.

Last (for this post) but certainly not least I must mention Tara Pringle Jefferson. Tara is all kinds of AMAZING!!! She has a million and one fantastic things that she’s doing as a Writer, Speaker and Self-Care Coach but the most exciting thing to me is her Bloom Beautiful Box subscription. Tara does not have a MAJOR corporation backing her, this is her brain child developed after she produced her first national event, a self-care retreat.
Each shipment contains 4-5 self-care essentials that nurture the mind, body and soul, thoughtfully sourced from handmade small businesses around the country. Each box is packaged with TLC. Awesome I tell ya, just awesome.

I’m proud to be connected to such talented ‘Diamonds’ (borrowed that from Dana), and I’m learning to be the best MrsDeveter possible just from watching and participating in their journey.

Wishing you all a very happy Women’s History Month. It’s not to late for you to make history. Start today!

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