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Tots to Teens: Age Appropriate Chores

I’m a coddler! I am that mom who does everything without delegating responsibilities to my children. OK, I admitted it to the world (or at least to the 5 people that read this blog). Being that mom doesn’t help my children and in 2016 I’m going to get better at letting go and allowing my children to take more responsibility and do their chores.

When I was growing up I had a lot of responsibility I was the oldest girl. I knew how to cook, clean, wash clothes, baby sit, change and feed a baby by the age of 10. I received a weekly allowance of $5 and that was all the motivation I needed to keep doing my best. The only chore that has been assigned to my children so far has been taking out the trash but it’s time for them to do more.

My friend shared a list of age appropriate chores yesterday and to keep me honest I’m going to post them here so I stay on task. Thanks Melissa (one of the few that read my blog) for sharing. Here is a version that I found on line. There are also really good printables for rewards etc. you can always find on Pinterest.


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