An Imperfect Smile

Hey Y’all:

I have a gap between my two front teeth. Growing up I loathed it. Although I don’t recall enduring name calling I do remember asking my dentist if I could have braces to get rid of the gap. During high school I used to take pictures with a closed mouth smile never showing my pearly whites.

But now…

I love my gap

I think I have a beautiful smile and I’ve learned that it’s infectious. This afternoon while walking out for lunch I gave my famous smile to a rather tired looking construction worker. Before I smiled at him he looked a little beat down, but the famous MrsDeveter smile seemed to add some cheer to his afternoon.

From this I learned… when you think that you have an imperfection remember that, that very thing might be perfect to someone else.

Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Until next time…

2 replies on “An Imperfect Smile”

Shout out to gapped teeth. I used to loathe mine as well! Even asked about closing it as late as two years ago. Its a precious family trait that I’ve learned to love. I’m secretly hoping my youngest daughter (who’s just now getting her front teeth) have at least a slight gap lol. The oldest one has daddy’s teeth which i do love but silently I wait to see what they’ll look like on the little. I hope I see it there. So yea, shout out to gapped teeth! 😄

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