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#Twin Tuesday: Partners For Life

This past weekend the three little Browns attended their school’s dance a thon. It’s an annual event hosted by the PTA and something they look forward to each year. Myles and Leah had plans! Myles knew that he was going to wear his jeans with the rip in the knee and baseball cap and break dance the night away. Leah was ready to socialize and Whip and Nae Nae until it was time to go home. They both held true to their plan and had a funky good time.

For the majority of the dance a thon they were at the front of the gym closest to the speakers bumping to the music and singing along with OMI’s Cheerleader, while Erick and I (he’s not into dancing apparently) stood on the wall observing all the happy children enjoying their night. Halfway through I saw them hand in hand walking toward us. They grabbed hands and treated me to a dance.

It makes me happy to know that they have each other. They’ll be in the same grade in school and hopefully will push each other to be the best people they can be. They are dance partners for life.

Until next time…

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