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#TwinTuesday: The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Wearing Glasses

Just in case you haven’t noticed from the numerous pictures I post of the three little browns… the twins wear glasses. At the tender age of 3 I noticed that Myles was crossing his eyes. At first I thought he was playing and I would say ‘hey stop doing that, you’re eyes are going to get stuck” silly mommy he wasn’t playing. What he was trying to do was focus.

We took him to the eye Dr and discovered that he has a weak muscle in his eye that is corrected by glasses.  A few months later we noticed that Leah was doing the same thing! What in the world was going on???? I guess they are so connected that their eyes both decided to make sure they ‘looked alike’.

The drama of kids with glasses is real! I am sure that over the past 4 years we have purchased/repaired about 10 pair of glasses a piece. In fact Myles recently broke his glasses and had to wear Leah’s so he could see. We have an appointment this week so we can get him a new pair as he’s wearing a pair from last year and they are doing NOTHING for him… After this last breakage I thought it might be a good #TwinTuesday post to give a few pointers for parents of a kid who wears glasses.

old glasses
Source: Little Four Eyes 

First off do NOT buy expensive glasses, unless of course your insurance covers it. The most important part of the glasses are the lenses. As long as they are on point and the frames fit their face please don’t spend more than $50-$60 on your kids glasses. They are going to break! I don’t care how much you warn them, how much you put the head thingy on them… some freak accident is going to cause one of those arms to come off. If you find any deals do buy two pair. Trust me a spare is ALWAYS needed.

Secondly, go to the eye Dr. Make sure you take your child for their annual appointments. You don’t want them wearing glasses that aren’t strong enough or that are to strong.

Finally don’t feel bad. When we discovered that Myles needed glasses I thought it was my fault. Like I did something to mess up his vision. Ummm it’s not my fault just like it’s not my mom’s fault that I have eczema. Things happen and as parents it’s our job to make sure our children have what they need and if it’s glasses so be it.

What are your go to’s for glasses? Do share in the comments section.

Until next time…

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