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A Love Letter…

I don’t typically write on the weekend but wanted to share something that I’ve been thinking about.

The art of letter writing. I saw a post on a friends timeline the other day with her excitement because she received a letter via snail mail. The art of writing a letter has unfortunately gone the way of type writers, but every so often it is pleasurable to receive a hand written sentiment via postal service. As a society we have advanced so much over the past 20 years that many children aren’t being taught cursive writing in school. Thanks to secure online signatures and such the feeling is there is no need to learn cursive, which breaks my heart. My husband and I still think this art is valuable and purchased our own practice book so the 3 Little Browns know how to sign their names. Okay finished with my rant on to the real purpose of this post.

I love to pick up a pen and write a note of thanks but I especially enjoy writing love letters. You’d be surprised how much your significant other would appreciate a hand written note from you. At the beginning of our relationship up until I’ll say 6-7 years ago, writing was my main mode of ‘deep’ communication with my husband. I had a difficult time fully expressing my thoughts, desires and needs verbally so I always took to writing them down and sharing them with him in a creative way.

After almost 25 years we have a sizable box of love letters, cards and notes that we have shared with one another, the box below is where those treasures are held. He his will my husband has made it clear that he wants to box buried with him (he is so silly).

love box 2
Franklin & Deveter’s Love Letter’s 1992-Present

I think that everyone should write a love letter every now again and mail it to their sweet. There is just something nostalgic and honest about writing a letter. Never fear if you have trouble getting started here are a few tips to get you going.

5 Tips For Writing a Love Letter

  1. Pick the right paper and pen. Please do not use lined loose leaf paper (unless you are in high school) Invest in stationary or stop by the stationary section of your favorite store I recommend Papyrus or try Target, Staples or Walmart they have nice stationary sections.
  2. Think about what you want to say. Writing a draft is always a great way to get you started.  If you are accustomed to typing your thoughts, do that. Spell check is a life saver and will keep you from being totally embarrassed (the mistakes I find in my love letters from 1994 are PRICELESS). Speak from your heart.
  3. Get emotional. some people have difficulty expressing their feelings in person so try to do that in your letter. Let your loved one FEEL your words not just read them.
  4. Be deliberate. Let them know the reason you decided to send them a love letter. Is it a special occasion, were you just thinking about them at work or home and wanted to write them a tangible note. Be transparent.
  5. Be yourself. That goes back to point #2, don’t steal lines from your favorite song, movie, TV show or poem unless it’s something you both share and understand, be authentic.

My final note would be … dare to be different and have fun with your letter.

*This post was inspired by a friend who did ‘research’ on her first ever adult love letter. Now when someone googles ” love letter” hopefully MrsDeveter will come up. 

Until next time…

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