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Great Adventures! End of Summer Theme Park Fun

I woke up this morning to a cool Fall like breeze and began to reflect on the summer. We had a lovely summer which included two trips to theme parks.

Theme parks are my favorite.

I grew up in Coney Island Brooklyn with the world famous Wonder Wheel, Cyclone and Boardwalk as my back yard. In recent years we haven’t ventured out to many theme parks because the twins weren’t big enough to enjoy the full experience (spending over $40 to get into a park and not be able to ride any of the attractions makes no sense to me). Thankfully the 3 Little Brown’s are a little taller so this summer we had the pleasure of attending Hershey Park in PA and most recently Six Flags Great Adventure!

The twins LOVE roller coasters. During our trip to Hershey park I learned that my little ones are real dear devils! Hershey park is absolutely geared toward a younger crowd, with height restrictions that are quite flexible. It is two parks in one. There is a side dedicated to water rides (which Erick could have stayed at ALL day) and then a side for thrill rides.  We were in the park from 11 AM – 11 PM! I was beat but we had a wonderful time and will be sure to visit next year and maybe do the park in two days instead of rushing through each side in one day (the park is huge).

Most recently we visited Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ. It has been quite sometime since I’ve visited this park but it was just as much fun as I remember! The children haven’t been to this particular Six Flags and were super excited for the experience. Although it was crowded and rainy we made the best of our day and rode as many rides as we could. This time around we visited the park during bring a friend day with season pass holders. I’m seriously considering get season passes next year. It’s not the far a drive and I really do love roller coasters! We got to the park after 1 PM so we only had a few hours to enjoy our selves, but enjoy we did. Not even the rain could hamper our fun on the lines and rides. As I mentioned Erick isn’t to keen on roller coasters but I convinced him to ride the Runaway Train with his dad and he admitted that he had fun.

Check out some of our pictures.

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