#TGIT MRS. Deveter’s Fall TV Watch List (Sunday-Tuesday)

Not sure about you but I am itching for my Fall TV!!! I need to know #whathappened! I am a drama, thriller and sitcom watcher. I don’t do scary or reality so those won’t be on my list. Check out my daily picks and be sure to share your #MustSeeTV for Fall TV 2015.

Must See TV


Once Upon A Time ABC 8 PM ET Sept. 27th I love Storybrook and absolutely need to know what’s going to happen to Emma Swan! Is she really going to be evil? Will she stay that way? Can’t wait to find out #whathappened

CSI CBS 9 PM ET Sept. 27th (DVR) Well it’s the final season! After 15 seasons and more than 300 episodes CSI is saying bye bye! I’ll be tuning in to see how it all ends.

Blood & Oil ABC 9 PM ET Sept. 27 (DVR) Who doesn’t love Don Johnson? I’m gonna check this out, although it seems pretty soapy I wanna see what it’s all about.

Quantico ABC 10 PM ET Sept. 27 I’m dinging the previews for this show. I enjoy the majority of crime/police/FBI shows that air. Looking forward to a new one with a woman who happens to be a minority in a lead role on a major network. Excited to see what  Priyanka Chopra does with this opportunity.


Supergirl CBS 8:30 PM Oct. 26 According to E.W. it’s been 40 years since a major network launched a TV show about a female superhero based on a comic book character. Since my children dubbed me Wonder Woman (the last female TV super hero) I certainly can’t pass on this opportunity to see how Super Man’s little cousin fairs in 2015.

Minority Report Fox 9 PM Sept. 21 Movie turned TV Show… I like the movie so will give the show a try. Happy for Meagan Good (another sister on during Prime time is always a plus)

GOTHAM Fox 8 PM Sept. 21 Although I’m super sad that Jada isn’t coming back this show really is good TV. Looking forward to Oswald Cobblepot taking the lead as the bad guy and watching Det. James Gordon work his way up the ranks. Will Bruce ever find out who killed his parents???

Blindspot NBC 10 PM Sept. 21 How in the wold did they get her into a duffle bag is really all I want to know.

Legends TNT 10 PM Nov. 2 Absolutely loved the first season. Sean Bean is such a great actor and super believer-able as Martin Odum/Dmitry Petrovich. I need to know who Martin Odum truly is! #whatsgonnahappen (another of my favorite hashtags)


The Grinder Fox 8:30 ET Sept. 29 I like this concept of an actor taking on a real job that he’s played for his entire career. Should be funny.

NCIS CBS 8 PM ET Sept 22 I’m gonna be honest I love NCI but I only watch it on TNT (I know I know) but I’m going to try to watch it in season this year…

The Flash The CW 8 PM ET Oct 6 Grant Gustin is cute. I like this show and so does the hubby. The wormhole #what’sgonnahappen

Chicago Med NBC 9 PM ET Nov. 17 This date is way to far away!!!! I loved the crossovers that were done with PD and Fire so naturally I’m looking forward to this hospital drama that according to the shows EP will not be “as soapy” as Grey’s Anatomy! Can’t WAIT!!!! And I’m excited to see S. Epatha Merkerson in a now police show.

Chicago Fire NBC 10 PM ET Oct. 13 I am literally counting down the days I need to know what happened to Casey??? Where is he???? #WhatHappened?

Grandfathered FOX 8 PM Sept. 29 (DVR) I like John Stamos (who will be Uncle Jessie forever) looking forward to seeing how he brings this character to life.

Goodness I’m only at Tuesday… how in the world am I gonna be a good mother with all this television I’ll be watching? Stop back on next Thursday for my Wednesday – Saturday list of Fall TV must sees. What’s on your list?

Until next time…

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