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#TwinTuesday: The Leah Simone Experience

My daughter is going to be a star! There I said it….

I’ve known for a very long time that I would have talented children, not because my husband and I are talented but just because they are promises from God and anything God promises must be something special. So I’ve always known that my children would be talented. My daughter is a triple threat, she loves to sing, dance and act. As the parent of multi-talented children who are all quite headstrong it takes an enormous amount of patience.

Leah in Purple

My daughter knows it ALL, so she thinks. My husband is pushing her to take piano lessons, teaching her to breath properly when she sings etc. of course she doesn’t want to hear him, but I really do encourage her to listen to her dad because he knows what he’s talking about. All that said… for the past 4 years she has been using my phone to record her shows. She typically does ‘reviews’ of toys she has received, fun antics with her brothers and ‘music videos’ where she is singing and dancing. We launched her YouTube channel a few weeks ago (because I was running out of space on my phone.) Now I have to figure out how to make this thing look good and help her create her brand.

We are having fun… but it’s hard work. Do you have a creative child? What do you do to keep them engaged and encouraged?

Until next time…

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