Twin Tuesday: Fixin’ It

It’s Twin Tuesday and although there is so much that they have been doing of late that I could share today… this post screamed SHARE ME!! so here it goes.


Hey Folks:

My daughter has a head full of beautiful locks.
I love putting cute braids, beads, barrettes and bows in it.
It takes a while to do but it’s always a joy.
I love doing her hair so I’m sure you could image the horror when she came home yesterday and I found her like this…

When she walked into the house the first thing I noticed was her hair or rather the lack thereof! Here’s how the brief conversation went.

Me: Mama what happened to your hair????
Me: WHAT??? Myles why did you cut your sister’s hair???
Myles: I was fixing it!
Me: Leah were is your hair?

She goes to her room and pulls her two locks (with beads still attached) out of her dresser draw and presents them to me!

I am floored y’all, I cannot believe:

  1. That he cut her hair

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