3 little browns Family Adventures

About Friday Night: NYC Museums

As a native New Yorker I never take advantage of all the access we have to culture, history and a million other reasons why people save for years to visit NYC. This past Friday however the 3 Little Brown’s, Hubby and I took advantage of our city for FREE.

I always read about the great museum exhibits that are happing in NYC and I never get a chance to experience them up close and personal because I’m hustling and bustling about my everyday life. However this past Friday was my last summer Friday and we were able to visit two Museums. I had no idea that after a certain hour on Friday’s access to a number of NYC museums were free. The hubby did some research and found that the NY Hall of Science and the Museum of Moving Image both had free admission. So why not hit them booth up.

As usual I was more excited about our adventure than the children but it was worth it!

nySCIFirst stop was the NY Hall of Science located at 47-01 111th Street in Corona. This museum offered us a totally hands on experience! We learned about illusions, colors and light (we made a huge bubble), robotics and life beyond earth and had the opportunity to build a structure together. The children had a blast in the Sports Challenge connections where they raced one another in a wheel chairs, tried their hand at tennis and rock climbing.  The only disadvantage of about coming to this Museum at the end of the day is that many of the super cool exhibits and workshops are closed.

We had a blast aNYSCI STRUCTUREnd will absolutely attend again.





Next we headed to the Museum of Moving Image located at 36-01 35th Ave in Astoria right next door to the Kaufman Astoria Studios where the beloved Sesame Street has been shot for over 20 years! The Museum of Moving Image was amazing! The children had so much doing voice overs to the Movies School of Rock and Babe. They had a change to be film makers and made super cool flip books and awesome stop motion animation. I had the MOST fun of all because there is an amazing Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men exhibition which will be up until Sept. 6th. OMGosh I almost passed out seeing Don Draper’s office and the kitchen from the Draper’s home in Ossining. The exhibition was very well put together and makes me want to watch the series all over again! They even had the costumes!!! Seeing Joan’s pen chain and green dress from season 3 was just awe-inspiring!

ROCK climbing

I hope our adventure inspires you to take advantage of your cities treasures! If you are a New Yorker there is so much going on in the city that truly never sleeps and you don’t have to pay lots of money to enjoy it.

Visit for a comprehensive list of museums that have free days/hours and be sure to visit.

Until next time…

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