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What’s In Your Wallet?

After a WONDERFUL walk down the Coney Island boardwalk with my husband, son and Godmother I reached in my pocketbook to pull out my wallet and lo and behold it wasn’t there. Now folks we are talking about the crowded Coney Island boardwalk on a Sunday of a holiday weekend. I knew for sure that someone had pick pocked me! But how? My pocketbook was strapped over my shoulder and in front of me the entire time.

As I’m totally freaking out, my husband, the cool cucumber kept saying are you sure you even had your wallet? It was a big chance that it either fell out of my purse in the car or that is was sitting at home nice and safe in the purse I wore earlier in the day. I was on pens and needles the entire ride home (it wasn’t in the car) thinking about all the things I had in my wallet that would need to be canceled and replaced.

I thought about identity thief’s having a field day with my SS number, because my card was in my wallet. I thought about the piece of paper with the SS# of each of my family member’s (why do I have that in my wallet?), my license, bank cards, credit cards etc… I was dreading the possibility that all was lost! Thankfully after the longest ride home in the history of rides home, my wallet was tucked safely in the purse from earlier in the day (Thank You Lord)! This got me to think about all the items in my wallet that shouldn’t be in there. So I took a quick look on the internets to see what I should and shouldn’t keep in my wallet. Here is the best list I could find, so I’m sharing with you!

Social Security Card
If you are like me you’ve already remembered your number so there is no need to keep your SS card in your wallet (taking mines out tonight) No telling what damage can be done when it falls into the wrong hands.

We have all written down our passwords because we need them for EVERYTHING! But again when left into the wrong hands your passwords to gmail, facebook, bank accounts etc. have the potential to really mess you up. So maybe save those passwords in your phone under a strange name or something creative.

Birth Certificate:
Why anyone would walk around with their birth certificate is beyond me, although I used to have a photo copy in my wallet when I was young; it’s not the best idea. Just like your SS card this could lead to some unwanted identity theft.

Multiple Credit Cards:
Try not to carry every single one of your credit cards. Keep it to a minimum of two. If ever your wallet is stolen the hassle it takes to cancel all your cards will give you a headache. Minimize as often as possible.

The financial people also say not to keep receipts in your wallet. Receipts often have your account number on them. So avoid the hassle by taking them out each night.

Bank Account Number & Blank Checks:
Never ever write down your bank account number or ATM pin and leave that in your wallet it’s just setting you up for a financial catastrophe. Don’t leave a blank check in your wallet either, all they need is your signature and a check for goo gobs of money can be easily deposited in someone else’s account.

Ok y’all that’s my lesson for today! What do you have in your wallet?

Until next time…

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