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National Leave Work Early Day and Other Fun, Weird and Interesting June Observances

Hey Y’all,

There is an interesting observance for every day and month of the year. Today June 3rd is National Leave Work Early Day (which I will be participating in) and in the coming days we’ll be celebrating National Doughnut Day. Here is a full list of observances by month, week and day from Which one(s) will you celebrate/participate in?

June Monthly Observances

Adopt A Shelter Cat Month
African-American Music Appreciation Month
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Awareness Month (APS)
Audio Book Appreciation Month
Beautiful in Your Skin Month
Cancer From The Sun Month
Caribbean-American Heritage Month
Cataract Awareness Month
Celibacy Awareness Month
Child Vision Awareness Month
Children’s Awareness Month
Corn and Cucumber Month
Country Cooking Month
Dairy Alternative Month
Effective Communications Month
Entrepreneurs “Do It Yourself” Marketing Month
Fireworks Safety Month
Gay & Lesbian Pride Month Link
Great Outdoors Month
International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
International Men’s Month
International Surf Music Month Link
Dairy Month Link
Lane Courtesy Month
Perennial Gardening Month
Turkey Lovers Month
Lemon and Mango Month
Migraine Awareness Month
National Accordion Awareness Month
National Aphasia Awareness Month
National Bathroom Reading Month
National Camping Month
National Caribbean-American Heritage Month
National GLBT (Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual & Transgender) Awareness Month
National GLBT (Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual & Transgender) Book Month
National Candy Month
National Fruit and Veggies Month (Also September)
National Ice Tea Month
National Migraine Awareness Month
National Rivers Month
National R.O.S.E. Month
National Safety Month
National Smile Month
National Soul Food Month
National Steakhouse Month
Okra & Pluot and Aprium Month
Pharmacists Declare War on Alcoholism Month
Potty Training Awareness Month
Professional Wellness Month
Rebuild Your Life Month
Skyscraper Month
Sports America Kids Month
Student Safety Month
Vision Research Month
World Naked Bike Ride Month (Northern Hemisphere) omen’s Golf Month
World Infertility Month

June Weekly Observances
International Clothesline Week: 1-8 (First Sat-Sun Week)
Black Single Parents Week: 2-8
End Mountain Top Removal Week: 2-8   (First Full Week)
National Business Etiquette Week: 2-8 (First Full Week)
National Headache Awareness Week: 2-8   (First Full Week)
National Sun Safety Week: 2-8
National Tire Safety Week: 2-8
Rip Current Awareness Week: 2-8
(World) Dystonia Awareness Week: 3-10
Superman Days: 6-9
Great American Brass Band Week: 6-9
Worldwide Knit (and crotchet) in Public Week: 8-16
National Flag Week: 9-15
Jim Thorpe Native American Games: 9-16
National Automotive Service Professionals Week: 9-16 (Week That has the 12th In It)
Men’s Health Week: 10-16
Nursing Assistants Week: 13-20
US Open Golf Championship: 13-16
Duct Tape Days: 14-16  Link
Universal Father’s Week: 16-22   (3rd Full Week)
Meet A Mate Week: 16-22
Old Time Fiddlers Week: 17-22 (3rd Week)
Fish Are Friends, Not Food! Week: 23-30   (Last Week)
Lightning Safety Awareness Week: 23-29   (Last Full Week)
Carpenter Ant Awareness Week: 23-29 (Last Full Week)
National Mosquito Control Awareness Week: 23-29   (Always on the week that has 26th)
*National Prevention of Eye Injuries Awareness: 27 -7/4
Watermelon Seed Spitting Week: 27-30 (Last Weekend Thurs. to Sun.)
Water Ski Days: 28-30 (Last Full Weekend)

June Daily Observances
NOTE:  An * in front of the day means that the observance is on the same date every year regardless of the day it falls on.
Do-Dah Parade Day: 1 (First Saturday)
Drawing Day or Pencil Day: 1  (First Saturday)
*Heimlich Maneuver Day: 1
Horseradish Days: 1-2
*National Go Barefoot Day: 1
National Trails Day: 1 (First Saturday)
*Say Something Nice Day: 1
*Stand For Children Day: 1
Turtle Races Day: 1  (First Saturday)
Xterra Off-Road Triathalon: 1
Children’s Awareness Memorial Day: 2 (First Sunday)
*National Bubba Day: 2
National Cancer Survivors Day: 2 Link (First Sunday)
*Yell “Fudge” at the Cobras in North America Day: 2
*Chimborazo Day: 3
National Leave the Office Early Day: 3
*Audacity To Hope Day: 4
*International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression: 4
*Apple II Day: 5
*Hot Air Balloon Day: 5
*National Moonshine Day: 5
National Running Day: 5 Link  (First Wednesday)
National Tailors Day: 5 (First Wednesday)
*World Environment Day: 5
*D-Day: 6
*Drive-in Movie Day: 6
Doughnut Day or Donut Day: 7-8 (First Fri.-Sat. in June)
*(Daniel) Boone Day: 7
Positive Power of Humor and Creativity Days: 7-9
*VCR Day: 7
Banana Split Days: 7-8
Belmont Stakes: 8
International Young Eagles Day: 8 (Second Saturday)
*National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: 8
*Upsy Daisy Day: 8
Worldwide Knit (and crotchet) in Public Day: 8  Link
*World Oceans Day: 8 Link
Abused Women and Children’s Awareness Day: 9 (Second Sunday)
Children’s Sunday: 9 (Second Sunday)
* Donald Duck Day: 9 Link (See Also March 13)
Multicultural American Child Day: 9 (Second Sunday)
Ride The Wind Day, Ride For Wind Day or World Wind Day: 9k (Second Sunday)
Race Unity Day: 9  (Second Sunday)
*World APS Day: 9 Link
*Alcoholics Anonymous (Founders) Day: 10
*Ball Point Pen Day: 10
* Iced Tea Day: 10 Link  Note: June 10, 1904 was a Friday.
*Corn on the Cob Day: 11
*Crowded Nest Awareness Day: 12
*Loving Day: 12 Link
*National Jerky Day: 12
*National Peanut Butter Cookie Day: 12
*Career Nurse Assistants Day: 13
*Queen’s Official Birthday: 13
*Army’s Birthday: 14
*Family History Day: 14
*Flag Day: 14
*National Bourbon Day: 14
*Pause for the Pledge Day: 14
*(World) Blood Donor Day: 14
Work@Home Father’s Day: 14  (Friday Before Father’s Day)
*Magna Carta Day: 15 Link
* Native American Citizenship Day: 15
* Nature Photography Day: 15
National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers: 15
The Wicket World of Croquet Day: 15
*World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: 15
World Juggling Day: 15 (Saturday closest to the 15th)
*Worldwide Day of Giving: 15
*Bloomsday: 16
*Fudge Day: 16
Family Awareness Day: 16 (Third Sunday)
Father’s Day: 16
 Husband Caregiver Day: 16
Isra Al Mí Raj: 16
*Ladies’ Day (Baseball): 16
*Stewarts Root Beer Day: 17
*World Day To Combat Desertification and Drought: 17
Ride To Work Day (Motorcycles) : 17  (Third Monday)
*International Sushi Day: 18
*Garfield the Cat Day: 19
*Juneteenth: 19
*World Sickle Cell Day: 19
*World Sauntering Day: 19
*American Eagle Day: 20
*Ann & Samantha Day: 20 (also Dec. 21)
Dump The Pump Day: 20
Recess At Work Day: 20 (Third Thursday)
* World Refugee Day: 20
*Atheists Solidarity Day: 21
*Go Skateboarding Day: 21
National Daylight Appreciation Day: 21
National Flip Flop Day: 21  (3rd Friday)
Summer Solstice (Summer) : 21 1:04 am EDT
*World Handshake Day: 21
(Do not confuse with National Handshake Day – different sponsor on June 24)
*World Humanist Day: 21
Take Your Dog To Work Day: 21   (First Friday after Father’s Day)
Ugliest Dog Day: 21  (Third Friday)
ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day: 22-23   (Fourth Full Weekend)
Great American Backyard Camp out: 22 (Fourth Saturday)
Polar Bear Swim: 22
* Stupid Guy Thing Day: 22
America’s Kids Day: 23 (Fourth Sunday)
*Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day: 23
*Let It Go Day: 23
*Pink Flamingo Day (Lawn Ornaments): 23
*Public Service Day: 23
Ryan Moran Day: 23  (The First Full Moon in June)
*SAT Math Day: 23
*Celebration of the Senses: 24
*International Fairy Day: 24
*Color TV Day (CBS): 25
*Global Beatles Day: 25
National Columnists Day: 25 (Fourth Tuesday)
Please Take My Children To Work Day: 25 (Last Monday)
Tammuz: 25
*International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: 26
*International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: 26
*National Canoe Day: 26
*Decide To Be Married Day: 27
* “Happy Birthday To You” Day: 27
*Industrial Workers of The World Day: 27
*National HIV Testing Day: 27
National Bomb Pop Day: 27  (Last Thursday)
National Hand Shake Day: 27  (Last Thursday)  (Different sponsor than World Handshake Day)
Tour De France: 29-7/21
Descendants Day: 30 (Last Sunday)
*Leap Second Time Adjustment Day: 30
(Note: This is listed as an observance title only. Some years scientists do not make adjustments.
But, if they do, then it’s done on either June 30 or December 31.)
Log Cabin Day: 30 (Last Sunday)
*NOW (National Organization For Women) Day: 30

Until next time…

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