happy birthday

Happy 8th Birthday Erick

Hey Y’all,

I have been a mommy for 8 years!!!!

8 yr old Erick (watching TV)

Being the mother of this amazing little boy has taught me so much about myself, the world and life in general.  Erick is a terrific big brother who loves Leah & Myles with an unconditional love. It’s a work in progress but he’s a good student and caring friend. He isn’t into sports instead I can see see and will encourage his interest in filmography. He still has a wonderful amount of innocence and it’s a bit of a struggle to get him to move away from his love for Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m so proud to be Erick’s mom, and know that he is going to make a positive impact on this world. As promised I wrote the below post when he was 3 (on myspace no less) and will share this until he turns 10! Then I’ll have a decade worth of content to share.

Happy 8th Birthday Erick Mommy loves you!

Sonogram of Erick
My big boy… Current mood: thoughtful

He used to be so small.
Needed me to carry, feed, dress and change him. But a transformation happened. There was a time when he couldn’t speak for himself now he can. He couldn’t say he wanted milk or to play or even that he wanted to cuddle but now, now he tells me when he’s thirsty and says exactly what he wants. The other day he actually poured himself a cup of orange juice. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be happy that my baby is now a boy or if I’m allowed to be sad just for a little while, because my baby is now a BOY!
He doesn’t have that powder fresh baby smell anymore but instead smells like a little man full of testosterone. Soon he’ll be off to school (pre-k but school just the same) and not want to hug, kiss or cuddle with me. What then will I do?
He’s growing into a well spoken articulate little person with personality for days. He has his own beautiful mind. He’s three and has a favorite number, it’s the number 1 and he hasn’t changed his mind about it in two weeks. Next he’ll have a favorite color then a favorite class and eventually I won’t be his favorite girl!
Oh my, my little baby isn’t a baby anymore! The child that I prayed for, begged God for is a walking, talking, singing, healthy beautiful little boy and man do I love him. Noggin all day and all, he is my inspiration. 
He carries my heart with him and doesn’t even know it or care for that matter. He will always be my baby my1 gift from God. A blessing from my womb that was promised to me. He will be a powerful human being he will bring light and love into this world. He will live a life full of joy and accomplishment and most importantly he will be a man after God’s own heart. He will love the people of God unconditionally, he will empower those who are powerless, and he will develop ideas for his generation that will change lives. Not because I say so but because it is the will of God for his life. He will live a life fully committed and dedicated to God. He will be a servant and he’ll be used of God as an honest upright man come what may!
He will be Erick Jeremiah Brown; Doctor, Teacher, Preacher, Lawyer, Musician, Master Builder, Train Operator etc…. whatever he wants to be he’ll be and he’ll be it to the glory and honor of God.
My baby is a boy who will grow into a beautiful man, just like his Dad!

My baby is a boy who will grow into a beautiful man, just like his Dad!

Until next time…

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