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Adoption Wednesday – Transracial or Transcultural Adoption

Hey y’all:

The Carr family of Iowa

Since today is Wednesday I thought I would tackle the issue of trans racial or trans cultural adoption. We know it’s happening. In NYC you can walk down the street any given day and see a Caucasian mommy with a beautiful Asian little boy or girl. When you are involved with non domestic adoptions nine times out of ten you are going to adopt a child that is not the same race or culture as you.

To me this is FINE!

There are plenty of questions I’m sure… but I think they are all answerable. If you are a loving person interested in adopting a child in need of a loving family, the race or culture of the child doesn’t matter to me! Now that’s just me…. There are people who are totally against it just like those who are against interracial relationships!

Although I am all for adopting out of your race or culture I think it is imperative that you are prepared!

  • If you don’t know how to care for a child with hair unlike yours, please be prepared to send her to a salon or learn how to do her hair like this father.
  • If you are adopting a child that speaks a different language be prepared to learn said language and encourage your child to hold on to their biological culture.
  • Be prepared to be the ‘different’ family. Not only does adoption make your child different but if they are of a different race and culture then you, your entire family is different.
  • Be willing to integrate. If you live in an area that has one predominate race be sure that you involve yourself with activities outside of that environment. It’s important for your child to see people just like them.

Adopting outside of your race or culture is really something that involves a lot of thought! It’s not something that you just jump into because you want a child. It’s something that you have to discuss with your family and close friends. Make sure it’s right for you and your lifestyle. If it is, MrsDeveter says ‘GO FOR IT!’ There is a little one out there just for you!

Until next time…


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