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New York Cares: Winter Wishes

Hey Y’all,

OK I am not in denial anymore… Christmas is quickly approaching. My children (Erick especially) have already created their massive Christmas wish lists and I’m getting on it by the end of this month!

Now… there are little kids out there who don’t have mom’s and dad’s who can fulfill their Christmas wish lists. Especially after Hurricane Sandy I know that their will be many children that won’t have a home to celebrate Christmas in! I went on a search and found New York Cares this organization has been around for a long time and does coat drives and fulfills the wishes of underprivileged children.

From their site…

Children all over the city eagerly await the holiday season. It’s a great time to celebrate with friends and family, and of course, to get gifts. Unfortunately for many children in New York, their families simply can’t afford holiday gifts. That’s what makes the Winter Wishes program so special – you can fulfill the holiday gift requests of children, teens, seniors, and families, to make their season brighter.
This year with your help, we’ll makes the wishes of more than 35,000 children teens, and families in-need come true. We collect and screen each letter and gift request, and then send them to volunteers who purchase, wrap, and send gifts to shelters, schools, and community organizations throughout the five boroughs.
We can’t do it without you. Create a team of Wish Makers with your company, friends, family, church, or alumni association, or sign up as an individual and commit to transforming the holiday season one New Yorker at a time.

This year I created a group of volunteers that will receive letters from these children and answer them to the best of our ability. Please join me if you can.

Until next time…

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