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Thanksgiving…. Is More than Just Turkey Dinner

Hey Y’all,

My co-worker reminded me yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week! I was in utter shock. I am not prepared for the holiday season. I don’t have a turkey, ham, stuffing ingredients or anything. I’m not ready… I think that over the past three weeks the uncertain weather patterns we’ve experienced in the north east has really thrown me off, (good excuse no?). Any who… Thanksgiving is more than just dinner and football. Thanksgiving is about family and being thankful. Not just thankful for possessions because there are a lot of people who survived Hurricane Sandy who don’t have anymore possessions. Their things which included their homes, clothes, and even memories; floated away with the ocean water. However I know there are so many of those very people who are thankful for life, thankful for family, friends and communities that truly care. Thanksgiving is so much more then the start of the holiday season where we spend money we don’t have and make promises that we can’t keep. It’s about love and joy and again gratefulness.

This thanksgiving I’ll make turkey cookie hands with the kids (which is our tradition) but we’ll also find something charitable to do to show people that we care. If you live in the north east I’m sure you can identify with being grateful… even if you were without lights for weeks and lost all the food that you had stocked up in your refrigeration and deep freezer. There is yet so very much to be thankful for. Here are some organizations that you can share your time with this holiday season, beyond thanksgiving.

Sponsor a needy Family will connect you with an individual family in need. Your impact will last beyond the holiday, as you’ll help provide food, clothing and other necessities throughout the year.
Serve dinner at a homeless shelter
Volunteer at a homeless shelter to prepare and dish up a meal for those without a home this holiday. Find a local directory at The National Coalition for the Homeless.
Deliver a meal 
Volunteer with a local Meals on Wheels Program to bring a hot dinner to those who may not be able to join family or friends.
Support our troops
Demonstrate your thankfulness toward troops who may be away from family this Thanksgiving. Create and send a care package at
Give thanks to a vet
Show your truly personal gratitude by volunteering one-on-one and in-person at a Veterans Center, where you might serve as an escort greeter, transport patients to appointments and perform other duties. See opportunities at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Serve at a Salvation Army
Provide a meal for those in need at your local Salvation Army. Find details and other programs and opportunities to give for the holiday and beyond on the site.

Until next time…

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