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Hurricane Sandy!

Hi y’all,

I pray that everyone is doing ok during the aftermath of Sandy. The hurricane clean up has began and I know it’s going to take a long time for a lot of people to recover.

Thankfully we weren’t hit to hard and only went without power for a short period of time. My boss has been very accommodating in allowing me to work from home this week (Thank you Suzanne!) I watched the news this morning and saw the line of folks waiting to get onto buses going into NYC. The line was outrageous. It looked like everyone was being civil and the MTA is being accommodating to all of the strap-hangers.

We are suffering from cabin fever and Halloween was ‘canceled’ so instead of going out to trick or treat we had a candy hunt in the house and made the best of the situation.

All I know is that it could always be worse. God has been merciful and I’m grateful.

Until next time…

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