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Pick Your Battles

Hey Y’all,

Battle Definition: fight or struggle tenaciously to achieve or resist something.

sneakers vs. sandals
jeans vs running pants
Nick Jr. vs Disney Jr
healthy food vs junk food

The four items above are daily battles that I have to pick between with the 3 little Brown’s. As a mother I am learning that everything isn’t worth the fight. Every year around this time I have the ultimate fight with Erick about foot ware! Every year we go buy a new pair of sneakers for school but my son loves his $19.99 sandals from Payless Shoe Source. He wears them the ENTIRE summer. Getting him to put on a pair of sneakers or shoes is literally like making him sit in the dentist chair so he can have his teeth pulled. I mean this boy cries, tries to reason with me etc. It is PAINFUL y’all.

This year he has come up with a plan. He has gym two days a week it is only on those days (Tuesday & Friday) that he willingly wears his sneakers. Last week however my brilliant 7 year old decides that he is going to wear his sneakers for gym but bring his sandals with him so he could change into them afterward! Crafty I know but a battle that I fought and won!

Now here is the catch 22, I bring a change of shoes to church with me every Sunday because there is no way I can walk around in heels all day (no matter the height) so he tries to reason with me based on this fact. Still doesn’t work but he gets an E for effort.

The food battles are another every day fight with my youngest but he deserves his own post for that one!

What types of battles do you fight with your children? How often do you concede?

Until next time…

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