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Day out with Thomas 2012

Hey Y’all,

My boys heart Thomas The Tank Engine. Erick is 7 and still plays with his train table, creates Thomas stories and borrows only Thomas and Friends books from the library. Myles is following on his big brothers tracks and is a die hard Thomas fan as well. Erick was introduced to Thomas by his dad but I am by far the enabler. Proof positive is the fact that I always seem to find Thomas the Tank Engine where ever he is in the US. We have been passengers on Thomas’ coaches three times in three different states! Our latest adventure was in Philisburg, NJ at The Delaware Railroad Excursions. We had a blast. It was as hot as Hades but Lord knows that I will do anything for my children including riding on an steaming steam engine for 25 minutes dripping sweat. The folks that pull off a Day out with Thomas should be commended; especially when the weather is inclement (to cold or to hot). This trips theme was Mystery on the Rails, we were ‘tasked’ with helping Thomas find a treasure (which ended up being a tacky glass ‘diamond’). The $18 train ride was well worth it because there were plenty of freebies including Imagination Station with featured temporary tattoos, splatter painting, storytelling, live folk music and two bouncy houses. I highly recommend Day out with Thomas and plan to do it again in the future (until the kids tell me they are done).

Check out a  few of our pictures here…

Day out with Thomas 2012

Before we took our ride I was working on a post titled Battle of the Sexes which I think would make sense to be included here. As you can see from above my boys really do live and breath Thomas the Tank Engine and all things track related. We have a train table in our living room and they have enough trains to fill up two full sized back packs. Erick has been a fan since he was three and Myles was just born into the obsession. Now that leaves Leah; surprisingly enough my girlie girl also enjoys playing with the trains but… there is trouble on the Island of Sodor. Erick accuses her of calling all the trains boys and he cries (yes real tears) when she “destroys” the train table. Leah likes all the girl trains (of course) Lady, Emily, Rosie, Mavis (who is a diesel engine), Flora and Belle. The boys however refuse to let her play without a fight. Most days baby girl comes crying to me saying the boys won’t let her play. it’s my duty as a mom to force them to play with her (right?). I don’t believe in double standards so the boys are also allowed to play with her kitchen, even though they typically put action figures in the stove. I share this because I deal with the battle of the sexes on a daily bases but I do my best to make sure they stay in line by letting the boys know that Leah can play with trains because one day she may want to be a train operator or conductor and I teach Leah that her brothers will need to know how to cook and clean so she has to let them play with her kitchen. 

Until next time…

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