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Imagine That!!!!!

The twins and I went on an adventure today. My goal was to take them to the Zoo but ‘mother nature’ had another plan; it was POURING. There was no chance that I was going to take those two to the zoo in the rain. Although they really wanted to go… Leah even told me that they would be fine in the rain. Being the tech savvy mommy that I am, I parked in the zoo lot, pulled out my Galaxy and found another fun educational place to visit that was indoors. We found Imagine That! A children’s museum of NJ. This place rocked. It is a huge warehouse cut up into different sections including, a train section, ballet room (with tap and ballet shoes), an anchors desk, veterinary, doctors and dentists office, a castle, transportation room, crafts area (which included cute smocks) and so much more. The price range was fair and the twins truly had a good time. My children are extremely friendly and met another set of twins from Florida and a little boy from either England or Ireland based on his accent.

Here are some pictures:

The only thing I would have done differently was to visit the museum after 1:00 pm because of the school groups. They children that were visiting the museum from schools were rather rumbustious to say the least. I would have also invited my cousin to join me because Myles wanted to hang out by the trains and Leah was more interested in the Shopping area (which was so cute). All in all we had a great day out and will visit Imagine That! again.

Until next time…

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